Love is all we want and need ♥

We all want something in this world: new phone, computer, tv, clothes, perfect body, perfect skin, soft and shiny hair, long eyelashes, some talent, nice weather, to travel somewhere...
But most of all I think we want someone who loves us;

who you can talk to about everything and they still don't think anything of what you're telling them is boring,
who laughs at your jokes even though they're not funny at all
who makes you happy when it's raining and your mood isn't the best,
who's goofy and weird and childish sometimes, because he want to see you laugh,
who, when he hugs you, holds on longer than all the others do,
and who looks you in the eyes for a long long time
and you know that it is HIM

You fall for him
Or he trips you, and you think he'll catch you
but then he's suddenly not there anymore, and you fall flat on your face
All of those wonderful moments suddenly doesn't seem to matter to him anymore
He doesn't pay attention to you, never contacts you,
and when you're there, right in front of him, he doesn't notice you
you're hurt
yeah, that fall really hurt you

And you start to think, if all of those things that happened
were true, or if you just imagined them
You start to wonder if he really ever liked you
or if you just thought he did?
And if he now did, why didn't he tell you?

Does he ever think of you?
Does he ever dream of you,
talk about you?
Does he even remember you?

No one told us that love would be easy,
nor did anyone tell us that love would be hard
You know that it will never work
but still you try
and hope that one day you'll experience all those moments again

Postat av: Wendy ♥

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2012-04-20 @ 19:34:37

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